Thursday, July 23, 2009

So here is a picture of Jeffie Lee Yates standing with Arthur Warren Whitlock, Bruce's great-grandparents. I'm posting this here for a relative who I recently found on
Although it doesn't look like she does, Jeffie did in fact have feet in real life. I don't know why they aren't visible in the picture. Hmmm.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shrews kissing in the Twilight

SO I finally finished the "Twilight" series.

The books were ALWAYS checked out at the library, and I don't like to buy books until I've read them, so I cheated. I asked my niece how the series ended.

........*listening*........*gasp* Eeeeew! That's so DROSS!!!

Honestly though, I have no doubt it was an entertaining and dramatic read, which was why I enjoyed the first book. And I REALLY hope my Twilight-infatuated friends will continue to speak to me.
So I just got home from a looong vacation to Idaho and found my garden almost hip high, crammed tight full of weeds. The effort to excavate the vegetables continues, and has inspired the following number...*ahem*

(cue music)



I hate them even from the time they're seeeeds!
They harbor pests, they make a mess, they bring me to my knees!
Oh I-I-I-I haaate weeeds!


My back is sore, my fingers stiff, and so's my derr-i-ery.
I have to bribe my children to make them co-op-er-ary.
And when we pull, the roots they stay,
So it's all tem-po-ra-ryyyyyy

Oh I-I-I-I haaaate WEEEEEDS!


(from "Kiss Me Kate", the director's cut)

Next year, it's small, easily managed raised beds and black underlay. Period.