Friday, January 23, 2009

Some thoughts...

As we watched the Nova special on life forms who beat the odds and thrive in the superheated water shooting out of volcanic undersea spouts, my husband wondered aloud, "How would you boil those crabs?"

If during sunday school you ask a 5 year old who Luke is, and he happens to be a huge Star Wars fan like, say, Samuel Paulin, get the answer you seek you will not.

I never thought I'd be reassuring my nine year old daughter that the Men in Black will not come looking for her as a result of her alien research. I suggested she lay off the books for a while and go play some video games.

According to my two year old, playing the part of Robin in the dynamic duo is desirable. I'm still scratching my head over this one.

I'm wondering why congress thinks bailing the economy out means enlarging the hole of an already sinking boat. I would think the responsible thing to do would be to fix the hole in the bottom of the boat. Silly me.

Tonight Bruce and I ate pomegranate and blueberry swirl ice cream. We are now doomed to remain in Missouri forever...or at least two seasons out of the year (see this week's article in the NY Times "The perils of pomegranate consumption" by P. R. Sephone)

1:35 am is really, really early in the morning. One is usually asleep, unless one is working graveyard shift. I should probably go to bed now. Hmm, yep. Good idea.