Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've seen it three times now in three different news stories in the past week, this notion that having less children is the key to saving the planet.

I thought about it. I considered it seriously. I wondered, if this is true, why are the largest carbon footprinting, most consuming nations on the planet the same nations who's birthrates are also the lowest on the planet?

Just wondering.

- Liz, mother of Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther and Fred Astaire (none of whom the world would have missed had they never been born)

"As we approach Christmas, the climate cult is looking more and more like Scrooge to me. And I think Charles Dickens said it best: if we are all going to die anyway, perhaps we had 'better do it and decrease the surplus population.' " - Glenn Beck, rodeo clown (if a rodeo clown commentator can see it...)