Monday, December 26, 2011

A Sweet Resolution

This coming year is going to be a major food adventure for my family.

I've been trying to cut sugar/refined flour from my diet for some time now. In December I had two weeks without any sugar at all (other than fruit) and it felt fabulous! I tried new recipes like baking biscuits with rice and oat flour and making burritos with whole wheat flour tortillas. I felt really good emotionally and I was losing weight.

Then on Saturday morning I tried eating banana bread with whole wheat and honey. I thought I'd see how the honey treated me. It turns out I had a moodier day than I'd had in, well, a couple of weeks. So I decided to conduct my experiment further.

Sunday was Christmas day and my mom had kindly made several treats with whole grains and honey instead of sugar. I went ahead and indulged - I had a gingerbread man made with honey (no frosting), a bite of carrot cake with part refined flour and a bit of sugar in the frosting, and three small oatmeal cookies made with honey.

Monday morning I woke up depressed. I thought maybe it was the post Christmas blues with a lack of exercise on top, so I went out hiking with my husband for a couple of hours and worked up a decent sweat. After I came home however, I was feeling much worse. I took a nap, thinking maybe it was fatigue. I woke up feeling less tired but no less depressed, and with a headache.

I guess I know what my new years resolution for 2012 will be.